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CoroLux Group

Corolux is a Custom Lighting Solutions provider, particularly amongst Display, Experiential, and Exhibit industries who choose Corolux for our superior quality products, our fast turnaround times, and our vast range of customization services - all provided by our experienced, knowledgeable and friendly LED experts.


We provide everything you need to complete your or your client's projects, including power supplies, controllers, dimmers, animations and much more. Clients choose Corolux when they face logistical challenges - such as getting large quantities of products quickly, if and when they lack the means, ability, or time to customize, wire, or assemble LED products or wiring harnesses; when it's difficult to find consistently high-quality products; and when its difficult finding a supplier who can provide the above (and more) all in one place, that is where we come in and provide all these solutions to you and your business.


Corolux is a division of HitLights.com which has been specializing in LED services since 2010 when formed through the Louisiana State University Business Incubator Program. From these humble beginnings, we swiftly grew to employ twelve full-time staff members at our Louisiana facility and have expanded to have locations in California, Las Vegas, Manila as well as holding a majority stake in an LED strip light manufacturing facility in Shenzhen.

At Corolux, we pride ourselves on being more than just another LED vendor. 

If you’re looking for an LED partner, contact us at customerservice@coroluxled.com, or call us today at 1-866-421-9799

We customize our lighting resources to meet your specific custom necessities. Any project or application, we work with you every step of the way to execute the best lighting solutions for your events or projects.

Fast and efficient turnarounds are important to us so our lighting experts are always available via call, email, or text. We are located in five different locations across the globe and cover all time zones. 

Professional grade installations require professional-grade planning. Our lighting solutions undergo rigorous inspections to meet Underwriter’s Laboratories standards (UL-Listed ).

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