Frequently Asked Questions

How do you calculate the amount of power needed for my custom project?

Every lighting solution we offer has its own power requirements, usually varied between 24 and 72 watt power requirements.


When selecting a power adapter, we simply add up the combined wattage we need for the installation. The watts required are also proportional to the length of the strip lighting we use.

What is the difference between indoor, weatherproof, or waterproof options?

Indoor lighting strips can resist some dirt, dust and minor contact with water. Weatherproof lighting strips can resist wind and splashes of water, but cannot be submerged underneath water for long periods of time. Waterproof LED light strips are robust and can be submerged underwater. Whatever your needs are, we provide the correct solutions for every unique project or installation.

What’s the difference between Premium (UL) and Standard (non-UL) ?

UL stands for Underwriters Laboratory and is one of the world's largest and most respected consumer safety organizations. UL products are mostly used among professionals who prefer high-quality components.


When you see the UL logo on lighting packaging it means that the product has undergone extensive testing to ensure that it is safe to use by the consumer.

What color or dimming options do you provide?

Every project is unique, as long as we know what you want to accomplish we can make it happen.


Dimming and Color in lighting vary greatly compared to color in other mediums but rest assured, we manufacture and manipulate our installations to give you the best results that are up to code, safe and the correct solutions according to your dimming and color needs.

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