Going Beyond a “Green” Slogan

What do you and your team think of when you hear the phrase, “Go Green”?

What once may have been a cue to consumers that a product was environmentally conscious or eco-friendly now seems a little too common or maybe even a little out of date.

Your clients probably expect that you are already incorporating environmental thinking into your products and services. “Going Green” has thankfully become the standard. LEDs allow you to go beyond a slogan and demonstrate efficiency, longevity, savings—all while upgrading your projects for your clients.

No Surprise—LEDs Have It When It Comes to Efficiency

It’s not a secret, LEDs typically use up to 75% less energy than old-style incandescent or

fluorescent lights. According to, the widespread use of LED lighting has the greatest potential impact on energy savings in the United States. There is the potential to save the equivalent of 348 terawatt-hours or a total savings of more than $30 billion by 2027 (in today’s energy costs.)

To further put those savings in perspective, it’s like preserving the output of 44 large energy plants pumping out 1000 megawatts each! (Read more about LEDs from here.)

If you are creating projects for customers of any scale and size, these savings can be more

immediate and less hypothetical quickly. The flexibility of LEDs, combined with the

directional nature and famous efficiency have made adoption in commercial and industrial

lighting applications an easy decision. If bottom-line costs are a concern for your clients,

LEDs will deliver in your projects. (Our consultants can help you pick the right materials

for your plans. Contact a team member today.)

Cool (Both Ways)

Lower heat emission is a quality rightly associated with LEDs. With projects of scale, heat can be a consideration especially in terms of cooling and related cooling costs.

Incandescent lights lose up to 85% of their energy in the form of heat. But this isn’t the only

way LEDs are cool.

In recent years, the aesthetics of LEDs have notably improved. When you choose LEDs, you

don’t have to give up good looks in exchange for an efficient project. Whether it is mounting

tools that make strip lights invisible or superior tape that stick wherever you place it or

custom color palettes that match your design perfectly, you can get a look you love with

LEDs. You can also enjoy attractive light quality—in the past, some clients might have shied

away from LEDs thinking the light quality was harsh or even sickly. Today, you can bring

pop, warmth or bright, clear light to any LED application.

Low Impact, Long Life

Fluorescent light is not a simple thing. As alternatives to traditional lighting came more

into the awareness of the public at large, they also learned more about the mercury and other toxic materials used in CDLs and other fluorescent lighting. The big push for

“curlicue” CDLs resulted in a backlash, complete with jokes about needing a hazmat suit in

the event a bulb breaks. There’s some truth in those jokes. Mercury is toxic and even a

small amount can negatively affect landfill and water supplies. LED lights use

diodes—there is no threat of poisonous chemicals or other toxins. Waste is another concern when thinking about environmental impact. The average LED lifespan is an impressive 50,000 hours. Our founder noted that with normal use, it’s not unusual to see up to 18 years of life in our LEDs. Your projects can look exactly as designed for years—no waste, low maintenance. Speaking of maintenance, low maintenance LEDs reduce waste of replacement parts, wasted labor, and wasted time.

Finally, since Corolux has its own manufacturing facilities, we are able to monitor the

production of our lighting products, supporting your desire for Green products.

A Prime Example

The gaming industry provides a great case study: imagine a colorful slot machine flashing a

gorgeous array of attractive lights, inviting a player to try their luck. A single machine

might be running 24 hours a day. That one machine provides an example of efficiency in all

the factors we’ve discussed. First, the one-arm bandit equipped with LEDs will use far less

energy than the slot machine of yesteryear. The machine won’t be spitting out heat

(resulting in less cooling costs.) The machine spends more time in operation since

maintenance is low. Even running as long as it does, there is minimal waste of replacement

parts or bulbs. Win, win, win!

Go For the Best

As you respond to the needs and desires of your clients, you know conservation concerns

are already woven into what your clients are thinking about. LEDs put you ahead in the

Green thinking game. In the past, LEDs might have been seen as a bit of a compromise to

reach the client’s Green goals. Today, you can pick LEDs and deliver the best, no compromise.

Contact a Corolux consultant today to discuss your projects and how our LEDs can help

you. When it comes to Green Lighting—LEDs are still the best.

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